Words of wisdom ( not mine )

by simonrleach

I have planned a blog post on identity for this month, but inspiration has intervened and so instead I am sharing a few thoughts about getting inspired and the identity piece should follow shortly.

Last week saw the Association of Photographers Awards 2014. Following the awards night there was an “Expo”: part trade show, part seminars. I took some time out to attend because there were a number of people I really wanted to hear speak, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Interacting with the photography and ideas of others is something I see as extremely beneficial to my own creative process and these intimate discussions provided motivation, inspiration and some real gems of thought.

What surprises me though (and often does at such events) was that with there being so many people apparently passionate about exploring the photographic medium, we are never packed in like sardines. Why is that? Is everyone so busy doing jobs, taking photographs, that there is no time to attend events? Is it that I am almost unique in thinking these opportunities provide food for the thought process that, as a creative visual communicator, I must have? Or, is it something to do with being happy with where we are or worse, maintaining the status-quo?

I truly hope it’s not the latter! I realise that there are always other things on and it’s a busy time of year. And of course I am not able get to every photographic event I would like to. However, I also know that sometimes I have to work around other demands to make sure I get to make the most out of opportunities. Yes, I probably should have been doing something else, but then I took away ideas, inspiration and motivation to get me started into the New Year, so for me it was worth it. So thank you to the AOP and to all the speakers.

Maybe you have never thought about seeking out how fellow photographers see the world, but there are some really great people happy to share their experience and views. It is not be too hard to find them. If you haven’t seen it as important to your photography before, then may I set you a challenge for the New Year? Make yourself aware of what’s going on and make time to attend at least two events in 2015. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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