Let’s start with………. The Future

by simonrleach

It’s just my opinion, you understand, but do we really think stills photography (rather than videography) will die out completely? Personally I think not. Yes the landscape will change and we will, as photographers, be asked to expand and vary our skills base, but I believe there is still a place for all forms of image-based media. For me the same thing is always at the core: understand who you are, what you want say and who to.

We are visual communicators and we must not forget it! Speaking from a photography perspective, we have one rectangle (or square) in which to capture our story. That’s not easy and we need to have clear vision to get our message across to the viewer, but then when was it decided that photography was easy?

Not for the first time, in the last couple of decades we are in danger of forgetting our primary function in the headlong rush to chase the technology. Buying into the capabilities of the tools rather than assessing ourselves and our brand against the market place or the audience to which we wish to appeal. Sure new technology creates new opportunity and I am always looking to explore, of course, but I believe that as creatives we are ideally placed to recognise and exploit opportunity which resonates with us personally.

So yes, take on new adventure, but do it with your eyes open, enhance your personal style and brand. Find what drives your passion, create something different.